Stress Relief Tips for Dealing with the Holidays

Six Stress Relief Tips for Dealing with the Holidays

Six Stress Relief Tips for Holiday Headaches. It’s hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner but the Christmas ads on TV are a sure sign that we’re heading in to holiday season – for some a time of sharing family time and, for others, a series of headaches and heartaches.

At this time of year, more than any other, taking care of your emotional needs is essential to enjoying a truly happy holiday. This isn’t always easy to do but here are six key points to keep in mind in the weeks ahead.

Do you have any of these signs of STRESS??

Here are the six easy steps to help deal with daily stress in our lives and especially at the holidays.

1. Give up on perfection.

The holidays are supposed to be perfect – perfect gift, perfect dinner, and perfect family interaction like a Norman Rockwell painting. Real life isn’t like that so the turkey may be a bit overdone or the New Year’s Eve punch tastes like brake fluid.

Forget the perfection model. Accept setbacks, missteps and miscues with a sense of humor. No holiday is perfect. No family is perfect. No family member is perfect so give up the idea of seeking perfection, go with the flow, forget the stress and have fun. Enjoy life each day.

2. Pace yourself.

Life goes on even though Christmas is in the air. There’s still the morning commute, the weekly chores and lots of social events. Don’t try to do it all. Send regrets to some invitations, just to take a night off and curl up with a good book or your family. Spread out your holiday obligations to carve out recovery time in between.

3. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no.’

No to the child’s demand for a certain toy, no to the in-laws, no to the co-workers, friends and neighbors. Put yourself in control of your activities. However, tread lightly and do your best not to hurt any feelings. Friends will understand the need to take a break during the holiday rush. The in-laws? Maybe not.

4. Do you want to simplify holiday chores?

If you’re used to spending hours slogging your way through the holiday crowds at the mall, change your buying habits. Shop online. Or go through the blizzard of catalogs that arrives each Christmas and shop by phone. It’s faster and a whole lot less stressful.

5. Don’t overdo it.

Too much wine, too many martinis, free flowing eggnog and way too many celebratory toasts with Champaign on New Year’s Eve. Too many sweet treats and huge amounts of baked goods  are very tempting this time of year. Enjoy them, just in moderation. Over-imbibing through the holiday season is only going to tire you out and make you feel worse.

6. Can you give yourself 20 minutes of “me” time every day?

We need to close out the world for stress to actually leave our bodies. Muscles will remain tensed (very fatiguing), joints will ache (annoying) and your immune system will be weakened by the constant bombardment of holiday stress triggers.

Take 20 minutes each day – that’s all you need. Close the door. Turn off the phone. Get into a comfortable position and just close your eyes. Breathe deeply several times and let the world go by.

This is especially important during the upcoming holiday season. So get ready. Santa Claus is coming to town, but you can keep stress at bay this holiday season by thinking of your well-being and emotional happiness, too.

Think of it as the best holiday gift you could give yourself. I wish you all the best during this Christmas and Kwanza season. And a most happy Chanukah to those who celebrate all of these wonderful holidays.

Today’s blog post comes to us courtesy of Ken Oswald

Safety and Security Manager for Plateau