Holiday Kitchen Safety Quiz

With the holidays in full swing, you’re probably spending more and more time in the kitchen what with baking and cooking for friends and family as well as for the special meals.

Here’s a quiz to help you make sure that your kitchen is safe, both for you as well as for your kids and guests:

  • Look at your stove… Are the back burners being used first? Are the handles turned to keep the pots from being knocked over?
  • Are the cords for the appliances you are using kept short? Are any of the cords hanging over the edge of the counter?
  • Is the garbage can safely stowed away behind a cabinet door?
  • Do your drawers and cabinets have safety locks on them?
  • Do you have a kitchen fire extinguisher? Is it easy to get to?
  • Are your smoke detectors in or near the kitchen? Are they working?
  • Are your knives properly stored and/put away? Are they out of reach of children?
  • Are your cleaning supplies and chemicals stored away behind a locked cabinet door?
  • Are your medications similarly stored away out of reach of children?
  • Are all flammable items (paper towels, dishtowels, plastic bags… ) at least three feet away from the range top?
  • Are you using a tablecloth with small children present (small children can pull on the tablecloth and pull everything including hot food, down on themselves)?
  • Are all your kitchen outlets GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets?

Keep your kitchen safe this holiday season. Oh… and if you need someone to taste test your cookies and candy you can send them over to us at National Safety. We’ll let you know how good they are.