Paid Sick Days would save over 1 billion dollars a year

A new study conducted by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research concluded that paid sick days for everyone who works full time would cut medical expenses by over 1 billion dollars a year and save the public health insurance programs over $500 million.

The conclusion was reached after extensive research into how workers use their sick days.

From the free download available on their website:

  • Paid sick days are associated with better self-reported general health among workers;
  • Workers with paid sick days are less likely to delay medical care for themselves or for family members;
  • Access to paid sick days is associated with lower usage of hospital emergency departments, a finding that holds true for those workers and families with private health insurance, those with public health insurance (e.g. Medicaid or SCHIP), and those with no health insurance;

You can read the entire document for a more complete, in-depth analysis of the study and the findings.