How to Calculate the OSHA Incident Rate

Need to calculate your company’s incident rate? Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Collect all OSHA 300 Forms from your company for the given year
  2. Add the numbers from column H (days away from work), column I (job transfers or restrictions) and column J (other recordable cases)
  3. Multiply this number by 200,000
  4. Add up the total number of man-hours worked for the whole company (all employees) for the same year
  5. Divide the number you got in step 4 by the number you got in step 3
  6. The resulting number is your company’s OSHA incident rate.

This number can be significant when compared to other companies in your same line of work with the same range of employees as yours

Don’t want to bother with all the calculations. Use the OSHA incident rate calculator provided online by safety management group. Just plug in your numbers and hit the calculate button to get your number.

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