Oil and Gas Production Facilities are a Public Danger

A new CSB (Chemical Safety Board) report finds that oil and gas exploration and production facilities located around the US have killed more than 44 civilians and injured another 25, all under the age of 25 since 1983.

At problem is the fact that storage tanks such as the one shown here are often generally accessible to the general population. Kids and teens tend to “hang out” around these oil sites. Many of these tankers are still an explosion hazard.

It seems pretty obvious that these areas should be fenced off and that civilians should be warned, through sign postings of the danger present. For the most part, however, this has not been the case which accounts for the number of fatalities and injuries.

If you’ve got kids or teenagers, send them the link to the CSB video “No Place to Hang Out: The Danger of Oil Sites” and make sure that they’ve watched it so that they understand the real danger.

To view the CSB news release about this very real danger, click here.

To view the CSB’s final report click here.