Are you an Aggressive Driver?

One of the books in my library at home is a book by the Harbinger Institute entitled “Leadership and Self-Deception”. It is obviously directed primarily to leaders but the premise of the book is that every one of us have certain issues and weaknesses that everyone around us can see clearly but which we ourselves are blind to. As I type this I’m reminded of my grandfather (who was British). My grandmother, in the passenger seat used to watch him get more and more irritated at other drivers on the road. Finally she would turn to him and tell him “Don’t get angry!” He would them get all red in the face and yell back “I’M NOT ANGRY!!!!”

That’s self-deception and it’s the topic of a quiz put out by AAA on their website. The quiz is entitled “Are YOU an Aggressive Driver?” and it contains 40 multiple choice questions in four different categories (10 in each). The categories include Anger, Impatience, Competing and Punishing.

Take the test and be honest about it. Self-deception is not only ugly but when it comes to being an aggressive driver it can harm you, others in the car and others on the road.