Safety Quotes & Slogans

Got a safety newsletter or something that you hand out during safety meetings? Maybe you need something for a banner in the warehouse?

Here are a few safety quotes that I gathered over the years that might be of use to you:

“Out of this nettle, danger, we pluck this flower, safety.”  William Shakespeare (didn’t think Shakespeare had anything to say about safety did you?)

“Better a thousand times careful than once dead.”

“safety never takes a holiday, never does danger”

“Working safely is like breathing – if you don’t, you die”

“Tomorrow is your reward for working safely today.”

“Know safety, no injury.  No safety, know injury.”

“While on a ladder, never step back to admire your work.”

“Your best safety gears are between your ears.”

“Safety is first aid to the uninjured.”

“Preparing and preventing is better than repairing and repenting.”

“Working safely may get old, but so do those who practice it. ”

“Working without safety is a dead-end job. ”

“Gamble with safety is betting your life.”

Got different ones? Send them to me at or post them here. Have a safe day!