Online Crane Operator Hand Signal Training

If you’ve got anyone working around cranes, it is vital that they be trained in hand signals. The crane operator obviously isn’t going to be able to hear a worker when he or she suddenly sees a danger and starts screaming.

Radio communications aren’t always enough either. As anyone who’s worked around cranes will tell you the noise levels often make radio communication problematic. Additionally there are times when radios just aren’t going to available.

Whenever cranes are in operation it is mandatory that a qualified Signal Person be present. The qualified Signal Person must be trained and tested. Only the qualified Signal Person should perform hand signals, except in case of emergency when anyone on the job site can give a “stop” command to the crane operator. At certain times a third party signaler may be necessary to relay the signals to the crane operator if and when the Signal Person is not visible to the crane operator.

The Crane Operator Network has provided complete training for Signal Persons online. A 21 minute training demo is available for free and you can them take the complete course and get your Signal Person licenses for as little as $79.00/person (for 10 or more). You can either do it online or get a video shipped to you. They also have a testing center locator to get your people tested.

This is great training for first time Signal Persons or great refresher course.