AEM Free Pictorial Database

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers has made available for free, a large database of “industry-recognized” pictorials that relate to safety.

From the AEM website database:

This database was developed to assist designers and technical illustrators in communicating effective safety messages through the use of consistent “industry-recognized” pictorial representations. Development of the database is guided by industry professionals and will be expanded as more product and process-specific pictorials are identified.

The downloadable graphical files are in formats (EPS and DXF) that can be imported directly into or opened in a variety of graphics and computer aided design software packages. The EPS files were saved in Adobe ® Illustrator 7.0 and the DXF files were saved in AutoCAD ® Version 13.

You can download all the images as a zip file, download them all in EPS or DXF formats, view the thumbnails or search using their pictorial database search tool and download just the one that you need.

Need a graphic to warn people against a trip hazard? Try this one:

Need one to remind them to wear their hard hat? Here’s one:

If you’ve got one that they don’t, send it to them and they’ll add it to the database. Whatever you do, however, make sure to bookmark it so you can find it again next time you need an image.