Need Training Videos? Borrow them from OSHA!

Finding videos and good training material for safety meetings can be a challenge. Sure, you can purchase them to show but once you’ve shown it you’re just sitting on a DVD that probably costs you quite a bit and which only got used once.

Next time you need training DVDs, turn to OSHA. They’ve got a lending library that is pretty extensive.

The principle is simple. It operates just like your local library. Just request the DVDs you want (You can have up to 15 out at one time) and make sure that you return them within 12 to 14 days (depending on the popularity of the DVD). You can even extend the due date via phone for certain circumstances. If you lose or damage the material you pay for it.

You can view the “Policies and Procedures” of the video loan program for yourself for more information.

Once you’ve perused that and you agree that this is something that’ll work for you, have a look at the extensive library of material available.

To give you an idea of the breadth of the material available, here’s a list of everything that’s available under “A”:

Accident Investigation

Accident investigation
Accident investigation: Just the facts
How to investigate an accident
Incident investigation    

Accident Prevention
See also Construction Safety; Job Safety Analysis; Industrial Safety VT01263
Accident prevention: Staying a step ahead
Accidents: It can’t happen to me
Can you spot the hazard?
Construction accidents: It can’t happen to me
Dark ages of safety
Hazard recognition
Hazard recognition: Out of the ordinary
It only takes a second…
Pro-active safety attitudes: Looking out for number one
Safety attitude
Safety– It’s your responsibility
Safety on trial
What’s wrong with this picture?    

Aerial Lifts
See also Scaffolding; Walking and Working Surfaces VT01506
Aerial lift safety
Boomlifts in construction
Bucket truck safety: Training for operators
Scissor and aerial work platform safety
Scissor lifts in construction    

Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural vehicle safety orientation Spanish
Agricultural vehicle safety orientation
Farm & ranch safety management

Machinery safety: A close call
Safe harvest
Tractor safety: Consider the flipside    

Agricultural Operations
See also Grain Elevators VT01542
Farmstead safety: Do it everyday!
Minimizing the risks of skin cancer
Pesticides and you: A primer on pesticide handling and storage    


Asbestos awareness
Asbestos awareness: Are you at risk?
Asbestos exposure: Within safe

Asbestos removal: Jobsite techniques    

Automobile Repair and Servicing

Don’t blow it: Asbestos safety
Protecting workers in auto body shops

Check out the complete video library for yourself and while you’re there, check out a video for your next safety meeting.

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