“Top Ten Trends in the Safety Industry” white paper

A new white paper by Miller Pierce (http://millerpierce.com) “Top Ten Trends in the Safety Industry” provides and quick but extremely informative read for anyone involved in the field of safety.

It’s a quick 4 pages that identifies each trend, briefly explains it and provides for each one a “bottom line” that explains what this means to safety professionals, manufacturers and/or distributors.

#4, for example states that “Durability beats price in PPE product selection”. This conclusion was reached by polling those who purchase PPE. They apparently overwhelmingly stated that they were more than willing to pay more for PPE that was going to last longer because it was ultimately more cost effective. The message to manufacturers is clear “Make PPE that is of superior quality.” The message to distributors is equally clear “You have to be able to show that the product is cost effective to sell it properly”

This goes hand-in-hand with #6 which states that “customers are clamoring for value-added services from their suppliers.” In other words, in this electronic age, where safety supplies are just a few mouse clicks away, customers want more from their suppliers than just supplies at a good price.

This is one of the reasons that National Safety, Inc was founded some 16 years ago now. The five original owners worked for Rice Safety when it got bought out and assimilated by a large company that sold more than just safety. It sold everything from toilet paper to light bulbs. Ron, Dick, John W, Ed and John M knew that customers, even back then, needed more than just product. Safety isn’t just about selling product, it’s about helping the customer find the right product for his particular challenge. Knowledge concerning safety is an essential part of the equation. When it comes to safety, health and lives are on the line. Selling the wrong product is dangerous and even fatal. The five original owners therefore cashed in their 401K, pooled the money and started National Safety, Inc. Service and knowledge is still what National Safety, Inc. is all about.

But I digress. Download the white paper, it’s got some good and interesting information.

Send me any feedback you might have. I am interested in what you think of it.

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