Yale Student’s Death raised question about “Buddy System”

Michele Dufault was a senior at Yale University when she died last week. Her long hair got caught in the lathe that she was working on his the science lab. She died of “asphyxia due to neck compression” according the medical examiners’ report. She was pretty, she was young and she was vibrant and her death could’ve so easily been avoided.

Yale University is reviewing their 24-hour access to the science lab policy as well as trying to figure out if there was or wasn’t a “buddy system” that was supposed to be in place. Some have said that a buddy system was required but others have said that it was never enforced or even talked about.

The investigation is trying to determine if safety fences were in place. Michele should have worn her hair tied up as well as worn tight clothing while working on the lathe.

One thing is certain, had another person been present odds are good that Michele might have been saved.

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