Don’t just wear safety glasses at work

Most of us know to wear safety glasses at work. In many cases it’s mandatory. We get to work and donning the PPE is part of the daily routine.

Here’s a tip though… Of the 2.5 million eye injuries that happen each year in the US, 50% occur at home.

The fact of the matter is that the reasons why safety eyewear makes sense at work also applies at home. So why aren’t we wearing eyewear when we are working around the house?

  1. We don’t have safety glasses at home. We wear them at work because the company provides them. Chances are however, at home we just keep forgetting to buy a pair so we don’t have them when we need them. Solution: Go online now and purchase a pair! Do it now and they’ll be there next time you need them. Wait and you’ll probably forget and they won’t be there next time you start up that chain saw or weed wacker. Better yet, purchase more than one pair (See next tip)
  2. The glasses aren’t readily available. You know that you’ve got a pair of safety glasses somewhere but right at the time when you’re about to start up the table saw you can’t for the life of you remember where you left them. Rather than stop what you’re doing to go look for them you tell yourself that it’ll just take a second and that you’ll be careful (like that’s going to make a difference when that piece of debris comes flying at your eye at 250 mph!) Solution: Purchase several pair of safety glasses. Use them and leave them where you work so they’ll be where you need them when you need them. If you only have one pair, you’ll use it while gardening and leave it with the gardening stuff so that, when you start up the table saw the glasses won’t be around. Get several pair and leave a pair with the gardening stuff, one in the tool shop, etc… If they are there, you’ll more than likely put them on.
  3. They are comfortable – We have a saying in the safety industry… “the best PPE is the PPE that workers will wear!” If it isn’t comfortable, they aren’t going to want to wear it. Solution: The only reason why safety glasses might not be comfortable is because you haven’t found the right pair. Safety glasses don’t need to be and shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Try on several pair and find the right ones (the right ones don’t pinch or put too much pressure on the temples. Pay attention to the eyelashes. They shouldn’t brush against the lens).
  4. They fog up – Many eye injuries occur while the worker’s glasses are on the top of his or her head because the glasses were fogging up. Solution: Pay a little more for anti-fog protective coating.

Don’t be a statistic! Don’t be safe at work and stupid at home. Wear safety glasses at home whenever you are using power tools or doing work that might potentially result in an eye injury.

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