Edge Safety Eyewear Sheds Light on Lens Tints

What’s the difference between a yellow lens and an amber lens? Which should I choose for which application? What about the difference between a regular yellow lens and a polarized yellow?

I’d love to tell you that because we sell eyewear every day we’ve got all this memorized but I can’t because we haven’t. I can, however, do you one better… instead of calling us for the information, have a look at the Light Transmission section of the Edge Safety Eyewear website.

Here’s a screen capture of what you’ll find:

This particular screen capture is for the clear lens. Notice that it gives you the amount of each color that reaches your eye as well as the total amount of light that gets through. Below you’re also given the best application for that particular lens tint. If you were on their website, you could click on the next color which is yellow and you’d get the following information:

The first thing that you notice is that the biggest difference is on the bottom end of the light spectrum with violet going from 57.36% in the clear version down to 14.04% in the yellow tint.

I’ll let you click on the others and have a look for yourself. A very cool website when it comes to learning about safety glasses.

Oh, and while you’re there, have a look at the other tabs under the “Light Management” section. You’ll find a lot of other cool stuff that’s pretty high tech.

Who knew that learning about safety eyewear could be so much fun?

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