All 33 Chilean Miners are now free

By now you hardly need me to tell you that all of the miners trapped for 69 days (70 for some who were the last to be freed) have now been rescued. Most will stay in the hospital where all were taken shortly after being freed but a few, in a surprising turn, are in such good health that they have been released and sent home.

The miners are very pale and it has taken a long time for their eyes to adapt to the light again after being in the dark for so long.

With the release of the last miner, 33 colored balloons were released at the sight of mine shaft where the miners, in a 15 minute long ride in total darkness were brought to the surface. It took over 22 hours between the ascent of the first miner and the last.

To view a photo gallery of the rescue click here.

To view an animated visual of the accident and the rescue provided by BBC, click here.

Not surprisingly, the president of Chile Sebastian Pinera vows to revamp mine safety promising that never again will workers have to work in such inhuman conditions. Meanwhile, here at home, MSHA is trying to gleam what lessons it can from this accident in Chile.