Proposed Fall Protection Changes by OSHA

Want an update to all the changes that OSHA is contemplating regarding the new fall protection standards? OSHA has been working to update the standard for several months now and, thanks to their website, you can see what changes they are thinking of implementing.

The proposed rules for the “Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Protective Equipment (Fall Protection Systems)” can now be viewed online at:

Among the issues addressed are the following:

Issue 1 – Fall Protection on Rolling Stock and Motor Vehicles

Issue 2 -
				Fall Protection for Employees Standing or Climbing on Stacked Materials (e.g., Steel and Precast Concrete Products)
Issue 3--Qualified Climber
Issue 4--Building Anchorages for Rope Descent Systems
Issue 5--Technological Advances in Fall Protection and Fall Arrest

Be forewarned, this is a massive document (when copied and pasted into MS Word, it ended up being a 251 page document on my computer)

Enjoy a little light reading

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