OSHA Harwood Grant Training Material

Free training material on a variety of topics are available online through the Susan Harwood Training Grant section of the OSHA website.

This from the website:

OSHA provides training and education programs for workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in their workplaces through Susan Harwood Training Program grants. Grants are awarded to nonprofit organizations to support the conduct of these training and education programs.

Many Harwood grantees develop training materials and products that address workplace safety and health hazards as a part of their grant activities. In an effort to make these products available to a broader audience for training or self-development, OSHA is posting these training materials on the Harwood Web page where they may be accessed and downloaded at no charge. As additional training products become available, OSHA will post them on this site.

The products developed by grantees have been tailored to meet the needs of various training audiences (e.g., workers, employers, young workers, non-English speaking/limited English proficiency workers) and are available in a variety of formats such as training manuals, PowerPoints, pdf files, etc. Some products are also available in languages other than English such as Spanish, Vietnamese, and Mandarin.

Access the website and the training material here.