How Good is your Anchor Point?

Next time you’re setting up your anchor point for fall protection, stop and consider how good it is. As per OSHA standards it needs to be at least 5,000 lbs. A lot of anchor points are obviously built to exceed that. Ed Marquardt, President of Guardian Fall Protection recently bragged to a customer that the Beamer 2000 I-Beam anchor is sturdy enough to hold up a half ton truck. The customer told him that he thought he was exaggerating at best and making false claims at worst. Ed went back to the factory in Kent, WA brought in his employees as well as a number of customers and proceeded to put his money where his mouth is. In this case his money was the half-ton truck of his operations manager Tommy Lee.

Lest there would be any doubt, they filmed the Beamer 2000 holding up the weight of a half-ton truck. This cool video can be viewed on the Guardian website.

Simply go to and click on the video entitled “Beamer 2000 demonstration”.

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