Insect Borne Diseases

It may not feel like it, depending on where you like and the prevailing weather patterns, but spring is just around the corner and with it the yearly hatching of a host of insect that have lain dormant all winter. What this means is that the recurring threat of insect borne diseases, which we haven’t had to deal with as long as the temperatures were low enough, is about to break out again.

You only need to compare these two maps to see, for example, the spread of West Nile Disease:


The first map is the year 2000, the next one the year 2007.

Prepare and protect yourself through awareness. Ergodyne is offering a white paper to help you do just that.

Download the white paper “Insect-Borne Disease Overview: Lyme Disease / West Nile Virus” from Ergodyne’s website.