Use 3-Points of contact when getting on or off equipment

Getting on and off equipment and vehicles accounts to 1 out of every 4 injuries to those operating equipment or driving trucks; some of these injuries can be quite severe.

In order to avoid these injuries, it is important to understand the 3-points of contact rule. Stated quite simply, always keep three points of contact with the ground or the equipment until you are stable on the equipment or on the ground. What this means is that before you lift one of your legs to climb up on the equipment, you must have both hands firmly grasping the equipment to help pull yourself up; before you let go of one of the hand holds when dismounting, you need to make sure that both feet are firmly planted on the ground.

Additional safety rules for getting on or off equipment or climbing in the cab of a truck:

  • Only climb on or get off when the equipment or vehicles is stationary
  • Always mount or climb down while facing the truck or the equipment
  • Make sure that the points of contact you as using are clear of debris, mud, grease, etc…
  • Only use points of contact that were intended to be used to climb on or dismount (in other words, hubs and such should not be used)

Remember these simple rules and you will have substantially reduced your chance of injury when getting on (or in) as well as off (or out) of a vehicle or equipment.

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