The Basics of Scaffold Safety (Part 4)

Protection from debris and falling objects

  • Workers should always wear a hard hat where there is danger from overhead objects falling.
  • There must be a 3 1/2 ” toe board to keep objects, tools, etc… from falling off the scaffolding.
  • Debris netting can also be used, especially when there are objects that are over 3 ½” tall
  • Pedestrians should be kept clear of scaffolding. If the scaffolding is in a public area, walkways should be set up to divert them away from the scaffolding whenever and wherever possible. If pedestrians still will be going under or near scaffolding, debris netting must be used to protect them from falling objects.

Protection from Electric Power Lines

See the “Working Outdoors around Electricity” post for a complete breakdown of the safety rules regarding scaffold work and overhead power lines.


For Further Information

Much of the information for this section of “The Basics of …” series (go to and click on the various sections to view and download the other sections) has been taken from documents and web pages available on the following websites:

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