Spring Forward to Safety

I’m assuming that by now everyone has remembered to “spring forward”. If you’ve been getting dirty looks when you get to work or you’ve been wondering why everyone seems to be getting there before you do in the morning than maybe you have forgotten about it.

What you may have forgotten, even if you did remember to turn the clock forward, is to test your smoke detectors and replace the batteries. Do it now! Or write yourself a note and staple it to your forehead (not really, that’s not a good idea and a very painful one) so that you don’t forget when you get home tonight.

Here’s an additional tip. Use a permanent marker or a piece of tape and write the date that you replaced the battery. That way whoever goes to replace it next will know when it was last replaced.

Oh… and by the way, don’t forget to run over to grandma’s house and replace her batteries as well. You really don’t want her climbing a ladder to get to them.