Try a different approach at your next safety meeting

Okay, let’s face it! After several years of safety meetings you’ve settled into a rut. Employees come in, sit down and promptly proceed to nap while the speaker drones on and on and on. It isn’t that the company or even the employees don’t believe in safety, it’s just that there’s a shortage of creativity and imagination.

Try a DVD instead! Convergence, a company out of Texas, has come up with a number of DVDs that cover a broad gamut of safety related topics of various lengths.

Done with CGI (computer Graphics rather than real live action) these videos are informative without being hokey and boring. At $99.00 per DVD (with a discount on sets of 2 or 3 DVDs for the whole set in driver safety, first aid or respiratory safety) it’s a great way to breathe new life in your next safety meeting.