Ergonomics Tip of the week # 9

If your workstation has an adjustable chair and a fixed-height work surface, you should position yourself at the workstation by first adjusting the seat height so that your arms are in the neutral posture at the keyboard, then adjusting for leg position (e.g., getting a foot rest if your legs are dangling).

The ergonomic tip of the day is provided by Ken Oswald at

One thought on “Ergonomics Tip of the week # 9

  1. Nathan

    It may be worth your while considering an adjustable monitor arm too. The correct ergonomic position for you does not always stay the same and it can save time to have it so that your workstation is easily adjustable. It can also help if you’ve got more than one employee using the same computer. I don’t imagine this is as common now but it may well become popular again, with companies looking to save money.

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