Video on Dust Explosion at Imperial Sugar

“The deadliest industrial dust explosion in the United States in decades” is what John Bresland, chairman of the Chemical Safety Board, called the dust explosion at Imperial Sugar.

The CSB has now released a 9.5 minute video entitled “Inferno: Dust Explosion at Imperial Sugar” which can be viewed or downloaded on their website (just click on the title of the video to go to the CSB website).

With reenactment and actual footage, the video takes you through the how and why of the explosion, trying to figure out what we can learn from this horrible accident to make sure that similar accidents are not repeated. It is important information, especially relevant for dust that isn’t normally considered hazardous which nonetheless becomes explosive when turned into fine dust that can be ignited.

Check out the video and research further information on combustible dust on the CSB website.

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