13 thoughts on “OSHA Cowboy, OSHA Bullrider, OSHA Santa, OSHA Streaker, and more…

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  2. What’s the deal? In the 1970’s there was this hilarious color picture of an OSHA Cowboy. It was a real picture of a real person and a real horse wearing this stupid stuff. Now all I can find are line drawing cartoons that are completely absurd. WTF?

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  4. Larry Brotzman

    Was looking for another poster when I found this site. My dad had a poster or colored print on the wall of his shop in the late 60’s of the Cowboy After OSHA. Had not thought of it in years.
    I was looking for another poster he had that was entitled -I think- The Last Man Working And Paying Social Security Taxes. Has anyone else ever seen this one or one close to live?

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