NTSB releases the 2008 Annual Report

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released their annual report to congress last week. You can download the full report (178 pages) on their website here.

Page four of the report gives us a quick NTSB at a glance for 2008:

Major Accident Launches: 19

Other Accident Launches: 221

International Accident Launches: 18

Recommendations Issued: 129

Recommendations Closed: 67 Closed Acceptable Status & 19 Closed Unacceptable Status

Vehicle Recorder Readouts: 252

Materials Laboratory Examination Reports: 172

Vehicle Performance Reports: 51

With special sections on Aviation, Highway and Marine Safety as well as Railroad, pipeline, and Hazardous Material Investigations sections, the report is an important document to anyone working in any of these sectors.

Appendix A is another pretty telling section of the report with a 24 page list of incidents that should have been investigated under section 1131 but which weren’t because of limited resources.

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