DOL posts its Strategic Plan for the 2006-2011 fiscal years

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Seeking to define and solidify their goals and objectives for the future, the Department of Labor released its strategic plan for 2006 – 2011 this week.

According the the DOL website, these goals are:

Goal 1 – A Prepared Workforce

Develop a prepared workforce by providing effective training and support services to new and incumbent workers and supplying high-quality information on the economy and labor market.

Goal 2 – A Competitive Workforce

Meet the competitive labor demands of the worldwide economy by enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the workforce development and regulatory systems that assist workers and employers in meeting the challenges of global competition.

Goal 3 – Safe and Secure Workforce

Promote workplaces that are safe, healthful and fair; guarantee workers receive the wages due them; foster equal opportunity in employment; and protect veterans’ employment and reemployment rights.

Goal 4 – Strengthened Economic Protections

Protect and strengthen worker economic security through effective and efficient provision of unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation; ensuring union transparency; and securing pension and health benefits.

The Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) mandates that the DOL put together a six-year plan with an update to be put together every three-years. While it may look strange to have a fiscal plan the begins in 2006 released in 2008, the previous plan was released in 2003 and covered 2003-2008.

This plan will help the department and its employees define their priorities, plan their budgets and measure performances. You can download the entire document in pdf format or read the entire text online at the DOL website at:


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